Climate: A New Story

A new audiobook I narrated was just released. This is my third time narrating a book by Charles Eisenstein and I’ve immensely enjoyed each one. Maybe some narrators find non-fiction drier than fiction, but I love it as I always learn something in my journey through production.


“What a blast of sanity! Eisenstein's corrective is a bracing piece of work, dazzlingly thought through and eloquent in its articulation. He writes from within an uncannily woke worldview, enacting a full-bodied way of thinking that discerns and feels into the complex entanglement of our lives with every facet of this breathing biosphere. This book is visionary and prophetic, achingly grounded and useful to the max.” (David Abram, cultural ecologist, geophilosopher, and author of Becoming Animal and The Spell of the Sensuous)

“There is nothing ‘safe’ in these writings; almost every chapter courts controversy. We as readers are the beneficiaries of this bravery. This is a message that must be heard loud and clear as we chart a path toward social and ecological renewal.” (Helena Norberg-Hodge, author and filmmaker of Ancient Futures and The Economics of Happiness

“This is a groundbreaking book. Eisenstein makes an inspiring, positive, and convincing case for a full and proper understanding of the present human predicament - a radical shift from a utilitarian worldview to an integral world view rooted in a sense of the sacred which recognizes the intrinsic value of nature and life.” (Satish Kumar, founder of Schumacher College and editor emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist)

AIG & All Blacks

This session started at 6PM Central Time because the clients were in Japan. I've always been a night person, so that was no problem with me! Loved the music they chose for this spot as well, really got the blood moving when I heard it in the control room.

Disney & Nostalgia

I actually got pretty emotional when they showed the final product to me in studio. My father passed away a few months ago, and we took some amazing trips to Disney, one right after he beat the cancer the first time and another long before it finally took him. And my absolute favorite place that we stayed was Animal Kingdom (which is prominent in this commercial). I remember so strongly how absolutely amazing it was to see the animals just hanging around your hotel and out your window. It felt good to be a part of this project, and I know my father would have been really tickled if he was still here to see it.